MDF Rose Engine Lathe 2.0
Control System for Multiple Stepper Motors

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Configuration Screen

Purpose: This is used to display or edit the configuration settings for the MaxSpeed and the Acceleration for the respective stepper motors. These settings for the speeds and acceleration values are used for the other screens with speed bars.

You can change the settings from here. It is also quite useful to ensure the settings in the Nextion display match those on the Teensy controller.

The upper rows control the lathe spindle in each screen, the lower rows control the Axis. Note that if you use different pieces of apparatus (such as a cross-slide, a spherical or a curvilinear apparatus, etc.) with the Z Axis settings, it will probably be desirable to reset the MaxSpd for some uses. Keep a record of different settings used for each apparatus.

This page will also display an estimated speed for the spindle when running at Max Speed.

  • The values shown in a  tan box  show values on the Nextion. Touching one of the text boxes allows you to edit that value using the Number Pad screen.

  • The values shown in a  gray box  show the ones stored on the Teensy controller. These are read only and should match the settings on the Nextion.


Min Max Safe Starting Point Comments
Max Speed 100 50000 10000 10000 = 10.4 RPM
Acceleration 100 50000 1000

Preliminary testing by the prototyping group for initial settings (assuming a 2" diameter workpiece) resulted in the following recommendations :

  • For roughing out a cylindrical workpiece (a planing cut) using the Main Screen, use 100% on speedbars, with MaxSpd on Sync set to 5000, and Accel set to 500.

  • For finish cutting, lower the Axis speed bar to a usable speed for a smooth cut.

  • For a helical cut along a cylinder using Sync Screen, set MaxSpd for Sync to 250, and MaxSpd on the ZAxis to 500.