MDF Rose Engine Lathe 2.0
Control System for Multiple Stepper Motors
Used to turn the spindle counter-clockwise. On a traditional lathe, this is considered forward.

Used to stop the motion of the stepper motor.

Also resets any Enabled stepper motors to Disabled.


Used to return the spindle or the selected axis to the start point of the previous operation.

When using this function, Be sure to stop and retract the cutter from the cut first. The return path does not always follow the same path as the initial cut. (Backlash and other factors come into play here.)

The speed of the return action is set in the Preferences | Returns screen.

Used to turn the spindle clockwise. On a traditional lathe, this is considered reverse. To change the direction of the spindle, you must stop it first. You cannot directly swap between clockwise and counter-clockwise.
One Screen
Spindle Movement

Touch X, Z, M3, or M4 on the screen image to the right to see the details for these axes.
Purpose: This screen allows for independent rotation of the spindle. It is useful for secondary spindle operation such as higher or lower speed functions than the Main Screen.

Enabling a stepper motor locks it into place, preventing motion along the relevant axis. One use for this would be to lock the spindle whilst changing a rosette.

The stepper motor on a given axis may be enabled even if that is not the axis of movement.

When the Stop button is selected, the stepper motor on this axis is reset to be disabled.

More than one stepper motor may be enabled at a time.

This stepper motor is disabled, allowing for manual adjustment (e.g., manually moving the slide along the Z axis by rotating the leadscrew).


  Sync %  

This option is used to run the spindle and M3 stepper motors synchronously at the specified percentages. Negative numbers run the spindle and M3 in opposite directions.

This option only works if the Synchro function button is enabled (not red).

This function is useful for activities such as having the spindle and the rosette(s) run at different revolutions per minute.

Limit Switches

Limit switches can be used with this function. The pins used for this are configured on the Limit Switches Configuration Screen. (More information about the implementation of limit switches is on that page.)