MDF Rose Engine Lathe 2.0
Control System for Multiple Stepper Motors
Indicates that the spindle stepper motor is enabled even when not in use. Touch this to change it to Disabled. The More screen can be used to set this to be continuously Disabled or Enabled. These buttons temporarily override that configuration setting.

Key Note:When using DM542T stepper motor drivers, this needs to be Enabled (especially for work using indexing), otherwise the position will be lost and the movement will not be predictable.

Indicates that the stepper motor is only enabled when in use, and then disabled. Touch this to change it to Enabled.

Used to index the stepper motor in a counter clockwise direction. On a traditional lathe, this is considered forward.

Used to stop the motion of the stepper motor. If the button is pressed next, the stepper motor is returned to the start position. Otherwise the position is lost.

Used to return the stepper motor to the start point of the previous operation.

When using this function, Be sure to stop and retract the cutter from the cut first. The return path does not always follow the same path as the initial cut. (Backlash and other factors come into play here.)

The speed of the return action is set in the Preferences | Returns screen.

Used to index the stepper motor in a clockwise direction. On a traditional lathe, this is considered forward.
Index Screen
Divisions Option

Purpose: This screen allows indexing any stepper motor used for rotary movement. It is typically used for the spindle; however such functionality is useful when using other items such as the spherical slide or a dome chuck.

If you are wanting to index linearly, use the Move function.

1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , and 5 may each represent separate saved settings (aka, pre-sets), however the value of 1 is used by the CW and CCW indexing movements on the

in either Divisions or Degrees, depending upon which is toggled.

Having 5 pre-sets allows the ornamental turner to easily repeat a prior setup.

On this screen, the indexes are in Degrees, however each of the 5 pre-sets can be in divisions of a circle or in degrees. The selection is separate for each pre-set.

Deg Sets the indexing to degrees.
Div Sets the indexing to divisions of a circle (fraction of a circle). \[ Indexing ° = \frac{360 °}{Divisions} \]

Fixed Sets the increments based on the Div or Deg selection.
Touch File on the screen image to see the instructions for that approach.
Used to set the indexing to information to be fed from a user-created file.

  Index   This is the number of times the axis has been indexed. It is decremented each time the stepper motor is moved counter clockwise, and incremented when moved clockwise.
  Degrees   Sets the degrees for each indexing operation.
  Next Index   This is the ID number for the next indexing operation. If this is less than  Index , then the Clockwise button was last used; if it is higher, then the Counter Clockwise button was used.

Tapping on this does enable the user to reset the index; however that does not affect the position of the stepper motor.

  Sync %  

This option is used to run the spindle and M3 stepper motors synchronously at the specified percentages. Negative numbers run the spindle and M3 in opposite directions.

If M3 is acting as the spindle, then turning Synchro off will change the phasing between the spindle and M3. When it's on, then it will index.

This option only works if the Synchro function button is enabled (not red).

This function is useful for activities such as having the spindle and the rosette(s) run at different revolutions per minute (i.e., a second stepper motor is driving the rosette's rotation).

Limit Switches

Limit switches cannot be used with this function.