Cleaning, Lubrication, and
Preventative Maintenance

on the MDF Rose Engine Lathe 2.0

This document is intended to help the user of the MDF Rose Engine Lathe 2.0 keep it in tip top shape.

Schedule of Activities

Spindle Bushing
(Spindle pulled out for clarity)

Lubricate the Spindle Shaft

The bronze bushings and thrust washers specified for the MDF rose engine lathe are oil impregnated and that lubrication will last a long time. Regardless, the spindle shaft should be lubricated annually to minimize wear. To do this,

  1. Loosen the retaining set screw holding the main pulley flange in place, and pull the flange away from the headstock.

  2. Pull the spindle out a bit (as shown in the picture to the right) exposing the bronze flange bushing and bronze thrust bearing.

  3. Lubricate the mating surfaces on the bronze pieces, along with the part of the shaft that is enclosed by the bushing. Be sure to not over-lubricate the bushings as the lubricant will retain dust.

  4. Re-assemble the pieces and tighten the flange set screw.

Recommended lubricants:

  1. Lightweight oil -- something like SAE 68 / 20 weight
  2. Silicon oil

Design for Cleaning Out Sawdust
(Parts removed for clarity)

Vacuum Out Sawdust

The bottom of the headstock is tapered towards the center, and has an opening which is 3/4" x 5". This is to allow any sawdust which may enter the headstock to fall through into the base. The blue arrows in the picture to the right show the path this dust will follow.

Opening to Vacuum Out Dust

There is also an opening in the far side of the base to allow for vacuuming out the sawdust which falls through (and around) the headstock. This is shown in the picture to the left.