MDF Rose Engine 2.0
3D Printing Parts
for the MDF Rose Engine Lathe 2.0

Limit Switch Mount

This is for a magnetic base with arms which are 10mm diameter (the typical low-cost one made in China).

Limit Switch Mount
Shown with switch attached
and screws & nuts.
STL Limit Switch Mount.stl
  • 1 copy
Limit Switch Mount.gcode
  • 8 copies
Limit Switch Mount x8.gcode The 8 copies version took over 26 hrs to print on my Ender 3 V2.

Holes for the 3 screws need to be drilled after printing the part. For #6 screws, drill the holes using a #25 (0.1495") drill.

  • The gCode is setup to print as shown in the position to the right. This is to better assure the circularity of the hole for the magnetic base's arm, and also to remove the need for any sacrificial bracing.

  • This also allows for drilling the holes where needed for the specific limit switch used, and the position of the switch desired.
Additional Parts Needed
  • The limit switch we have tested and recommend is shown in the picture above on the left. This switch allows for connecting it as either normally-open or normally-closed. It is from McMaster-Carr, part number 7779K13.

  • 3 sets of fasteners are needed.
    • 2 screws, washers, & nuts for attaching the limit switch to the mount. Recommend these be #6-32.
    • 1 screw, washer, & a wing nut is needed to tighten the mount's connection to the arm. Recommend this be #6-32 carriage screw.