MDF Rose Engine 2.0
3D Printing Parts
for the MDF Rose Engine Lathe 2.0

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Amplitude Adjuster Parts

Full Set
Fusion 360 AA-Rubbers.f3d Use with Fusion 360 to make your own shapes.

Point, Style A
G-Code AA-Point-Rubber-1.gcode Simple point rubber
STL AA-Point-Rubber-1.stl

Point, Style B
G-Code AA-Point-Rubber-2.gcode More rounded point rubber
STL AA-Point-Rubber-2.stl

Round, 1"
G-Code AA-Round-1in-Rubber.gcode Round rubber, 1" diameter point
STL AA-Round-1in-Rubber.stl

Round, 2"
G-Code AA-Round-2in-Rubber.gcode Round rubber, 2" diameter point
STL AA-Round-2in-Rubber.stl

Round, 3"
G-Code AA-Round-3in-Rubber.gcode Round rubber, 3" diameter point
STL AA-Round-3in-Rubber.stl

G-Code AA-Flat-Rubber.gcode
STL AA-Flat-Rubber.stl

Other Amplitude Adjuster Components
Alignment Block
G-Code AA-Alignment-Block.gcode
STL AA-Alignment-Block.stl

AA3 - Horizontal Bar
G-Code AA3-Horizontal-Bar.gcode
STL AA3-Horizontal-Bar.stl

AA4 - Vertical Bars
Two are Needed
G-Code AA4-Vertical-Bar.gcode
STL AA4-Vertical-Bar.stl

AA-Vertical Bar Spacer 1
G-Code AA-Vertical-Bar-Spacers.gcode
STL AA-Vertical-Bar-Spacer1.stl
STL AA-Vertical-Bar-Spacer2.stl

AA-Vertical Bar Spacer 2

AA - Rear Rubbers
Two are Needed
G-Code AA Rear Rubber.gcode
STL AA Rear Rubber.stl